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Missing the “A” and “B” sides

October 3, 2011


I love my iPad. I even like my Facebook page.

But I really miss records.

Especially with the release of this new album, “The Gathering,” I miss my LPs. If I had my druthers, you’d have an “A” side and a “B” side for this disc, because this recording is really 2 albums in one.

The “A” side is the first 6 songs on the track list, what I’m calling “The Gathering: A Winter’s Tale in 6 songs.” These are the songs the symphony commissioned me to write. On this album, you’ll hear the string band’s arrangement of these songs.

The “B” side would be the songs simply identified as “The Gathering.” A list of songs that might have been played on the radio as our Winter story unfolds.

Plus, they’re songs we couldn’t not record. You don’t just bring together this group of musicians, with all their instruments, and ideas, and song lists, and all this recording equipment — without cutting as many songs as you possibly can onto the wax.

So even if you don’t flip the disc in your CD player, or your iTunes player, maybe you could mentally flip over that record in your mind after song 6. That’s just the way I intended it.

And thank you.

– Laurelyn


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